《 逛・聚落 》




Chenggong Township near the Pacific Ocean is the largest township in Taitung County and an important fishery hub on the east coast. Early on, various tribes moved here for reclaimation and settled for a new life in this pristine land. , each bringing their lifestyles, cuisines, and religions along. Over time, Chenggong Township developed the rich multicultural fabric for which it is known.

The century-old sea-oriented culture awaited the Amis when they arrived at the east coast

It was not until the Qing Dynasty’s policy of reclaiming the mountain areas that other tribes started to tickle in. Chengguang’ao, a natural harbor next to the Pacific Ocean, became an entry point for Han and Pingpu migrants. The most famous one was Wen Taikun, a Hakka from Neipu in Pingtung. Being a wholesale trader of daily necessities, he founded Guanghengfa, which later became the largest wholesale company along the entire east coast. Then there was the educator Ma Lin, who came from Yilan but was born in Keelung. He had taught a great number of local talents.

The first floor of the Chenggong Story House is an exhibition space with a permanent exhibition area, a special exhibitions area, and a fishery theme area with displays of fishing boats and sailors gear telling the story of Chenggong’s marine culture. Film and sound recordings tell about the fishing net craft, swordfish species, harpoon fishing stories, old photographs, etc. The special exhibition area shows temporary exhibitions on culture, business, antiques, and recent events. In 2012, there were exhibitions titled Chasing the Wind, Hunting the waves and Photographs of Father Chi Zuoji and Father Shi Tainan of the Bailing Church.