《 逛・聚落 》




Located in the Adidas Cultural Story Hall above the Doral Station, the abandoned elementary school is transformed to inherit the culture of the Chalami tribe of the Paiwan tribe. The entire hill is the story of the story. Not only the field research, but also the tribal oral History, as well as open interactive platforms such as hand-made courses and cultural experiences, to condense the centripetal of the tribes and open up a way for the young people who want to go home to continue to write tribal stories.


The story of the "Black Sharp-nose Viper" from the sea - the Chalamite tribe

According to legend, in order to find new hunting fields and cultivated land, the Paiwan-Lufanio family sent hunters and hounds to do the task. They descend along the Dawu Mountain. Finally, the hound came to the hills of Taimali Duoliang mountain and digged a hole at When a burrowing hole was dug under a banyan tree, the hunter felt that this was the guidance of the ancestral spirit. He chose this place as a new home, and the Lufanio family migrated with rest of the people.

當時族人遷移至此,從山中遠眺大平洋,看到海中彷彿住著一條擁有翅膀的黑色百步蛇,90多歲的vuvu 說:「只要百步蛇一拍打就會發出巨大『喳啦喳啦』的聲音,族人便稱此地為『查拉密』。」日治時期,日本人則從故事中的黑色百步蛇聯想到龍,因而又稱為「瀧」部落。
At that time, the tribes migrated to the present location. They looked to the Pacific Ocean from the mountains. They saw that there was a black hundred-step snake with wings in the sea. An old man who was 90s said: "As long as the hundred-step snake beats, it will make a huge "chala chala sound. People called the place "Chalami". During the Japanese occupation period, the Japanese associated the dragon from the black hundred-step snake in the story, hence the name "Long".

However, standing on the land of Chalami and overlook the Pacific Ocean allows you see the black tide line looming in the sea. May be that’s the legendary black sharped-nose viper snake.

Athenian Story House, the inheritance of tribal culture and philosophy of life

Xiangyang Woodworking Workshop is adjacent to the Chalami tribe. In order to make each other's relationship closer, in 2014, we also set up the "Adidan Cultural Story Museum" in the space of Duoliang Elementary School, hoping to let the tribal culture and space through the space. The philosophy of life can continue to be passed down. "Adidan" is the name of the ancient Paiwan people, meaning "friends of the land" and also represents the attitude of the Paiwan people.