《 逛・聚落 》



Located in Taitung City, the Taitung Art Museum is the first county-level art museum in Taiwan.

A major local driver of the arts, the museum has leveraged naïve art, contemporary art, environmental art, and international art, to transform itself from a local actor to an international player introducing diverse art forms from around the country and the world to Taitung and broadening the artistic vision of the local art community.

臺東美術館 打破臺東「文化沙漠」稱號
Taitung Art Museum: Irrigating and transforming a cultural desert
In 2002, Mr. Ding Xuezhu, also known as Son of the Sun and Painting Uncle, proposed the construction of a local art museum. His idea was embraced by then county magistrate Hsu Ching-yuan, and preparations for a local art museum began. In 2007 the first county-level art museum of Taiwan finally opened its doors. Centered on the themes of "South Island Hometown" and "Naïve Art", the museum follows the approach of popular art: all works that move people are welcome. The museum’s first exhibition, titled Simply True - Taitung Art Museum Opening Exhibition, set the tone by inviting local, national, and international naïve artists to exhibit their works together, including paintings by Hung Tung, monkey statues by Zhan Long, lion masks by Huang Junran, straw pieces by Auntie Huang Qiao, and watercolors of the Buddha by Auntie Lin Jinju.