《 逛・聚落 》


位於臺東市北邊的「石山部落」,阿美族語稱”kakawasan”,意為”祖靈聚集之地”,此地保有自然純樸的景致 與熱情善良的居民,也保留著阿美族傳統文化。

負責人|林宋博芳 Lin song bofan
主要產品|創意設計、 月桃製品、稻草製品
位於臺東市北邊的「石山部落」,阿美族語稱”kakawasan”,意為”祖靈聚集之地”,此地保有自然純樸的景致 與熱情善良的居民,也保留著阿美族傳統文化。部落婦女本著惜物愛物的精神,將散落的月桃枝葉撿起製作 成時尚的手工月桃帽,讓傳統技藝散播出陣陣香氣。此外,種植水稻一直是部落主要農產活動,除收穫的稻米質優精良外,居民更運用稻草與稻穗共同製作蘊含「神聖、迎新、開運、招福」意義的注連繩,成為在農 忙之餘的重要產業活動。
Kakawasan tribe, located at the North of Taitung city, means the place where ancestral spirit gathers in Amis. The pure and natural landscape can be found here as well as hospitable, kind people that cherish the traditional culture of Amis. Women in tribe cherish every object in life collect fallen leaves of shell flower, making it a fashionable hat. It's a handicraft with pleasant scent. Moreover, rice planting has been one of the major agricultural activities in tribe. They have plant some rice of good quality and made Shimenawa, which is lengths of laid rice straw or hemp rope with scared and lucky meaning. It's an important activity for them after busy working in the fields.