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During the summer vacation of 2016, 30 members from colleges around Taiwan arrived the six craft studios in Taitung and began the learning course as artists-in-residence in local studios. They not only aimed at learning but also at experiencing the warm-welcoming tribe culture and passionate professionalism, in order to extend traditional craftsmanship through youngsters' design and present the profound deep local culture.

In 2017, "Taitung International Cultural and Creative Competition for Youth" opens again. Themed with "A Journey of Craft & Weaving" this time, the event provides a cultural journey that allows the participants to experience the soil-born culture in Taitung, as well as an opportunity that weaves cultural-creative art students and local craftsmen together for exchange.

Would you like to have a different craft-learning experience with deeper east-coast culture? The craft masters have prepared materials and tools for you! This year we expend the call for international members in order to bring in broader perspectives and spectrum for local aesthetic education. We sincerely welcome you to Taitung and start a journey of traditional crafts and contemporary design with your creativity and wonderful local craftsmanship.


Arriving at Studios: Tuesday, July 11th-17th 2017 (7 days)


Deadline of paperback document submission: From now on until 17:00 Wednesday May 31st 2017 (postmark not considered).

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