《 秀・精彩 》


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展覽:2018臺灣文博會 Creative Expo Taiwan
地點:松山文創園區(免費參觀) 產地文化展區-臺東館(S6-002)
時間:2018/4/18(三)~4/22(日) 10:00-18:00 (4/22僅開放至17:00)
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 蕾絲姑娘手作 Miss Lace handmade 

It’s all because my family who brought me to the world of flower knitting. I moved back to where I was born and tried to find the tiny joy of life during my frequent visits to the hospital. I have my best memories in flowers. I want to start from the beginning to learn again, to try, and pick up the memory of knitting. Mother Of Thousands is succulent plant. I hope that I have the strength to live, just like the plant. The flowers of knitting is like the seed of happiness. I want to share my joy and happiness with others.


 花線Hua Sian 

The work from Hua Hsien; consists of hats, bags, and accessories made of patchwork, tie-dyed and cross stitch. Their work, compared to normal black embroidery, are more colorful and special. They start from vivid, colorful traditional costumes and pattern from the indigenous tribe and use them on the accessories and clothes. Tie-dye, change of shape, gradient effects and embroidery result in one of a kind artwork.